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Julie Lane is a seasoned career and marketing consultant with a flair to connect the right people at the right time – across various companies, sectors, industry partners and the media as a whole.

Julie is currently finishing a Masters in Applied Psychology and was just awarded a certificate in Humanistic Integrative Counseling. She is studying at both the University of Liverpool (Laureate Education, Inc.) and the London based CPPD (BACP accredited) school. She is integrating her new skills in behavioural phenomena into the overall equation of why people behave online the way they do, from Generation X to those born digital. Professionally, she has acted as an executive consultant specialising in relationship development and management of people and clients for various digital marketing, publishing and software companies. She helps her clients review the marketplace within their sector and develop go-to-market positioning and communications strategies to increase awareness of their brand offering, drive new business into the sales pipeline, and leave them with an ongoing, easily maintainable marketing and sales platform. She is also an experienced cultural counsellor acting as a change management consultant for corporate restructures and a seasoned researcher, writer and editor. More recently she is using her counselling skills to work with clients to help maximise their talents to get the most out of themselves and their careers. She is a skilled change agent, whether for a corporate or agency brand, or brand YOU.

She has been a brand and personal promoter for over 20 years, working for corporations and agencies including Cosmopolitan Magazine, *Surface Magazine, Actuate, Energized Work, Organic, LBiDigitas, Framfab, Start Creative, Accenture, Gap, Inc.

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